Your gateway to Europe's top IT and business consultants

From sourcing experts, to invoicing, to offboarding. The Onsiter VMS does it all. Simplifying vendor management has never been so effortless. Connect with the right people at the right time, all with a few clicks.


Why choose the Onsiter VMS?


Comprehensive management

Complete control from hiring to offboarding, Onsiter VMS streamlines the process.



Sourcing, invoicing, offboarding - all managed at no extra cost to your business.


Time-saving automation

Digital contracts, invoicing, negotiations - all automated to free up your time.


Customizable views

See what matters to your business. Tailor the Onsiter VMS to your specific needs.

Manage your vendors with ease

Vendor management can be a handful. The Onsiter Vendor Management System cuts through the complexity, making the process straightforward and efficient.

And the best part? It's free.


Features include

  • End-to-end vendor management, completely free
  • Seamless integration for sourcing, invoicing, and offboarding
  • GDPR-compliant processes for assured, smart decision-making
  • Real-time tracking of availability, timesheets, expenses, and KPIs
  • Automation that handles the admin work, letting you focus on what’s essential


and more...


  • What is the Onsiter Vendor Management System? is a Vendor Management System (VMS) that provides end-to-end vendor management for free. In addition, we offer access to over 20,000 preferred vendors across Europe, helping businesses make smart, profitable, and compliant decisions.

  • What organizations can use the Onsiter VMS?

    Any business looking for a simplified and efficient way to manage IT and business consultants can benefit from our platform. Even if you are a small organization that is not in need of a full-fledged VMS, you can still use Onsiter to find your next IT or business contractor.

  • Is the Onsiter VMS really free?

    Yes, the Onsiter is completely free to use. 

    Full disclosure: When you use Onsiter VMS to find your next expert, know that Right People Group also competes fairly with other vendors to offer you the best talent.

    Rest assured our team doesn't have access to other vendors' bids, and you're under no obligation to choose our contractors.

  • Is GDPR-compliant?

    Yes, our platform is designed to be GDPR-compliant. You can make smart choices with the assurance that you're meeting important privacy standards.

  • How does Onsiter ensure the quality of vendors in the network?

    We use a combination of technology and human screening processes to ensure that only professional contractors with a good background sign up on the platform, ensuring that high-quality vendors are part of the network.

  • Can I add my own list of preferred vendors?

    Absolutely, you can add your own list of preferred vendors to the Onsiter Vendor Management System (VMS).

    The platform is designed to be flexible and accommodate your specific needs. This feature allows you to keep all your vendor information in one centralized location, making it easier for you to manage relationships and projects.

    There's no requirement to find new vendors through our system if you're already satisfied with your current network.

  • Can I use Onsiter to track costs?

    Yes, our platform provides detailed reports on timesheets, expenses, and KPIs, helping you make profitable decisions.

  • Do you offer support?

    Our team is available to assist you with any queries or issues you may have. You can reach out to us via email or phone. 

  • What resources are available to help me get started?

    You can schedule a demo with us to get a comprehensive understanding of how our platform works. This hands-on experience will guide you through the features and functionalities, helping you make the most out of